Spring 2012 Jefferson Fellowships for Journalists

Reminder: Application deadline is Wednesday, February 15 for
the East-West Center’s

Spring 2012 Jefferson Fellowships for Journalists

The Jefferson Fellowships provide a three-week seminar and
travel program for journalists from the United States and Asia
Pacific to deepen their knowledge of regional issues and build
international networks. The theme for the Spring 2012 program
is “Changing Cities: Innovation for an Urban World” with
travel to Honolulu, Singapore, Guangzhou, and Seoul/Songdo.
Participants will explore the challenges of urbanization, one
of Asia’s most important mega-trends of the next decade, and
the innovations and models that are effectively solving
current problems and those that will shape the cities of the
future. Below is a summary of the program. The application
deadline is Wednesday, February 15, 2012.

This special Jefferson Fellowships program will include
participation in the East-West Center’s 3rd International
Media Conference in Seoul
(, June 22-24, on the
theme, “Networked News: How New Media is Shaping Stories in
Asia and the Pacific.” Journalists will explore the impact
of new media on journalism, broaden their knowledge of Asia
Pacific regional issues and expand their network of
professional contacts with journalists and experts from across
the region.

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Spring 2012 Jefferson Fellowships for Journalists

Dates: June 3-25, 2012

Theme: “Changing Cities: Innovation for an Urban World”

Travel Destinations: Honolulu, Hawaii (June 3-8); Singapore
(June 9-13); Guangzhou, China (June 14-18); Seoul/Songdo,
South Korea (June 19-25)

Who Can Apply: Working print, broadcast, and on-line
journalists in the United States, Asia and the Pacific
Islands. Five years of experience preferred. English fluency
required. 12-14 journalists will be selected, approximately
4-5 from the United States and the remainder from Asia and the

Funding: Airfare, lodging, per diem and most other program
expenses are provided through a grant from The Freeman
Foundation of Stowe, Vermont. Participants are responsible for
a $500 program fee and all applicable visa fees and any
additional visa-related expenses. Additional funding is
provided by the U.S. Embassy Islamabad for 2 Pakistani
journalists. See website for details.

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Information and applications: For more information about the
program and how to apply, please visit:

Theme:  “Changing Cities: Innovation for an Urban World”

Across the Asia Pacific region, a massive demographic shift is
underway. For the first time in human history, more people now
live in cities than in rural areas. In the next 20 years, the
world population will grow from 7 billion to 8.3 billion
people. The urban population will grow even faster, from 3.5
billion to 5 billion. Hundreds of cities will be built and
expanded to accommodate migration and growth – particularly
in India and China. Urbanization has led to expanded economic
development, poverty reduction and increased wealth in the
Asia Pacific region and cities are centers of knowledge and
innovation. But rapidly growing cities across the region have
struggled to manage demand for basic services, transportation
infrastructure, housing, energy and employment. With
humanity’s urban footprint set to almost double in just 20
years, there is a new sense of urgency about finding ways to
accommodate the future billions in sustainable, efficient and
equitable cities that can foster productivity and continued
economic growth. Cities, especially in Asia, are thus the
focus of intensive efforts to find new approaches to energy
efficiency, building design, transportation, waste management,
water and sanitation, and energy use. The investments will be
huge, and companies around the world see their economic
futures tied to solving the social, economic, environmental,
and engineering challenges of this urban transformation, which
will largely define the 21st century.

The Spring 2012 Jefferson Fellowships will provide journalists
from Asia Pacific and the United States with an opportunity to
explore this regional mega-trend and the models and
innovations that are solving current problems and will be key
to managing cities of the future. The Honolulu program will
provide a forum for journalists to share perspectives from
their countries and communities and gain broad perspectives on
urbanization challenges for the U.S. and Asia. Participants
will then travel to Singapore, which has developed and
implemented some of the world’s most advanced solutions to
address urbanization challenges such as road congestion, water
management and housing, and has positioned itself as a
regional hub and “living lab” of urban solutions for
high-density and livable cities. In Guangzhou, participants
will have a chance to see how China is adapting its existing
cities to be more efficient with a new internationally award
winning bus rapid transit (BRT) system, by far the largest in
Asia and a model for other cities around the world, as well as
other efforts to manage migration, pollution and
industrialization. Korea is experimenting with “green
growth,” setting aggressive low carbon goals, and as the
most wired country in the world, is a test bed for new
information technologies. Journalists will visit Songdo, an
urban laboratory of digital-city innovation providing the
focus and investments to re-engineer the way cities work.
Companies are investing heavily in “smart cities” and are
using Songdo to test new technologies that they hope to employ
in cities across the world. Journalists will explore the role
of government, business and civil society in affecting
positive development for the regions’ growing urban

The program will close in Seoul with the special opportunity
to participate in the East-West Center’s 3rd International
Media Conference, June 22-24, on the theme “Networked News:
How New Media is Shaping Stories in Asia and the Pacific.”
The Conference is expected to draw more than 300 media
professionals from around the world to engage with leading
journalists, analysts, policymakers and one another through
keynotes, panel discussions and workshops. Topics will include
new media and its impact on journalism, society, and politics
across the region, as well as analysis of current security,
economic, energy and international relations issues. There
also will be a visit to the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between
North and South Korea.

The Jefferson Fellowships program provides journalists with
the chance to gain on-the-ground perspectives on the most
important regional issues; access high-level and important
speakers and resources; and engage in three-weeks of intensive
study and dialogue with colleagues from across the Asia
Pacific region.

For more information about the program and how to apply,
please visit our website:

Program Contact: Ann Hartman, or
(808) 944-7619

Apply Now!  Deadline: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The East-West Center ( promotes better
relations and understanding between the United States and the
nations of the Asia Pacific region through cooperative
research, education and professional development programs.

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