A. Advocacy of Civil Rights for Freedom to Choose One’s Religion and Belief
ICRP conducts a series of integrated and continued activities to regain the rights to choose one’s religion and belief for the circle of religious adherent and believers, particularly the minority community. ICRP facilitates discussions with many groups of religion and belief, meetings, submission of petitions and claims and audiences with various involved parties. In addition, ICRP actively builds network to fight for the civil rights through advocacy of legislation in various crucial issues.

B. Developing Interfaith Dialogue and Interfaith Discourse in the Vast Society
ICRP builds tradition for interfaith and belief dialogue, particularly for the grass root group of the community, as an important part for building the society that respect the plurality of the nation. ICRP conducts training in the framework of developing interfaith discourse, reconciliation, pluralism and peace. ICRP conducts educational lectures on religions, in cooperation with universities or other institutions with similar vision.

C. Developing Community and Interfaith Networking
ICRP develops and facilitates meetings of interfaith community networking, also facilitates empowerment of communities based on interfaith and religion, and disseminates the issues on religious society and community.

D. Publication of Interfaith Discourse and Building the Database Centre for Pluralism
ICRP publishes “MAJEMUK” magazine, results of researches books, mailing list and website (www.icrp-online.org). ICRP provides library and relevant documentation regarding the dynamics of pluralism in Indonesia.

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