Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace (ICRP) is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, non-governmental and independent organization dedicated to advancing and promoting interfaith dialogues, democracy and peace in Indonesia. It was established by religious leaders from various religions and faiths in Indonesia. ICRP efforts to promote the dialogues for developing religious life which is democratic, humanistic and pluralistic.

Before its formally declared on 12 July 2000 by the president of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid, the efforts to make inter religious dialogue had been build in Indonesia. ICRP, together with various caring institutions as well as individuals struggling for pluralism and peace, puts more emphasize on efforts to establish justice in various perspectives:  gender, human rights, spirituality, economic, social and politics. ICRP actively takes part in developing studies in peace-making and conflict resolutions in, and fights for human rights and freedom of religion and belief.


Peaceful and prosperous community in the context of plurality of religious and faiths in Indonesia.


• To develop multiculturalism and pluralism in the life of the communities
• To build conscience of religious culture in which the people are respectful with each other and free from any suspicion and prejudices in all elements of nation, especially interfaith community and interfaith organization.
• To support efforts related to dialogues, researches, and advocacy on social and religious problems at local, national, regional, and international level.
• To encourage all parties, particularly the youth, to respect and be grateful for the variety and richness of traditions of each party’s religious life.


The whole world is served by God for all human; it means that every single human has the same rights, hence:
• ICRP believes that the variety of ethnic group, religion, culture and tradition in Indonesia is the richness given by the God to encourage the social integration instead of breaking this up.
• ICRP believes that the pluralism and respect to others are the best choice of act in religious life in the middle of those varieties.
• ICRP believes that the main mission of religions is the existence of life in harmony, peace and prosperity for the human and humanity on the whole.
• ICRP believes that religions on principle never teach violence. Hence, every religious community has to take part actively in preventing any violence in the name of religion.
• ICRP believes that every individual and every citizen have to be guaranted by the state to have their human rights, including the freedom to choose religion and belief.
• ICRP believes that the state has to be neutral in religion. The state has to stand on every religion and belief in formulating and also implementing every policy.
• ICRP refuses “the logic of claim” that brings a conclusion about “legal religion” or “admitted religion”. The state automatically has to admit, protect, and respect every religion chosen by individual or community.
• ICRP believes that religious group and community take a strategic position and an important role in social life.
• ICRP believes that religious community is the main factor to be supported in taking part actively in developing social life. Hence, they must care about social problems besides religious issues.
• ICRP refuses all political acts on religion, using religion and its symbols for momentary political interest and for getting endorsement in practical politic.

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