Joint Statement: Stop Violence Against GKI Yasmin

Joint statement to stop violence against GKI Yasmin at the Wahid Institute. Sources: doc. AMDJ

Prohibition to the right of worship of GKI Yasmin by the Bogor City Government is entering its third year. Until now there is no clear attempt to resolve this conflict.  This omision done by the central government has victimized the people of GKI Yasmin because their right to worship is cut off. Therefore, some figures and institutions that care about this, release  the joint  statement to stop the violence against the GKI Yasmin at the Wahid Institute, Thursday (12/01/2012).

Some of that figures are Todung Mulya Lubis (Senior Advocate), Uli Parulian Sihombing (Executive Director of The Indonesian Legal Resource Center), Bona Sigalingging (the spokesman of GKI Yasmin), Nia Syarifuddin (General Secretary of the National Alliance of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika of Youth Movement of Anshor) , Muhammad Choirul Anam (Human Rights Working Group), Nurkholis Hidayat (LBH Jakarta), and Subhi Azhari  (the Wahid Institute).

According to them, the Bogor City Government has violated the law by ignoring  the decision of the Supreme Court  in 2009 that rejected the Appeal and Review (PK)    proposed by the Bogor city goverment in order to pull out the building permit of the church of  GKI Yasmin from the Housing Complex Park in Bogor.

In addition, the Mayor of Bogor, Diani Budiarto also has committed act  against the law and neglect of a legal duty by  ignoring the recommendations of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia (ORI), which states that the act of Bogor Mayor issued the Decree No.: 645.45-137, March 11st  2011 is a form of maladministration. Unfortunately,  the Central Government, in this case the President, the Minister of Home Affairs, and Minister of Religious Affairs are still letting this case without clarity.

Therefore, they resolutely declare the points related to that case as follows:

1.  Stop immediately violations to the  religious freedom of  the people of GKI Taman Yasmin, and  stop the omission to any actions           against the law by the Mayor of Bogor.

2. Urge  the Central Government, beginning from the President and the entire staff, to immediately take decisive action according to the decision of the Supreme Court, Recommendations of the Ombudsman, and the Ombudsman’s Special Report, and mainly of the Constitution.

3.  Ask the President to order  the Minister of Home Affairs to give sanction to the Mayor of Bogor for the actions against the decision of the Supreme Court. It is important to prevent the same practices occur in other areas.

4.  Ask the President to order  the Chief of Police to provide security guarantee to GKI Taman Yasmin congregations for worship, and take steps against the perpetrators of intimidation and violence according to the law.

5.  Ask the Minister of Home Affairs  to order  the Mayor of Bogor to unseal the GKI Taman Yasmin church on Jl. KH Abdullah bin Nuh and give rights to the church congregation to worship in that location and allow them to continue the process of building of their church. [M Mukhlisin, translated by David]

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  1. Where is our President? Does he couldn’t solve this case clearly? Does he has no a power too ?

    I’m appreciate to Wahid Intitute and other institute or NGO’s who always helps GKI Taman Yasmin.

    Never stop to prove the truth !
    We’re never walks alone

  2. i am agree with you brother. may some people are right that we have no the qualified leader now. but we can make change by building good relationship with the other. there is no need to ask the leader who never hear us.proficiat for all who fight for humanity.

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