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Tentang Kami

Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace (ICRP) adalah sebuah lembaga yang bergerak di bidang kemanusian dan perdamian Selengkapnya


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Tentang Kami

Indonesian Conference on Religion and Peace (ICRP) is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, non-governmental and independent organization dedicated to advancing and promoting interfaith dialogues, democracy and peace in Indonesia

It was established by religious leaders from various religions and faiths in Indonesia. ICRP efforts to promote the dialogues for developing religious life which is democratic, humanistic and pluralistic.

  • Mision

    Peaceful and prosperous community in the context of plurality of religious and faiths in Indonesia

    • To develop multiculturalism and pluralism in the life of the communities

  • Vision


    The whole world is served by God for all human; it means that every single human has the same rights, hence:
    • ICRP believes that the variety of ethnic group, religion, culture and tradition in Indonesia is the richness given by the God to encourage the social integration instead of breaking this up.