The challenge is getting tougher

Written by icrp
(By Djohan Effendi)

2005 has just passed, the year marked by a variety of embarrasing and painful religious incidents. Especially those who are hurting the freedom of faith. Seemingly, this sort of behaviour will continue, and will probably increase in the coming year 2006, which is really pitiful.

Believe it or not, people’s beliefs regarding their own personal truth is a personal matter and a fundamental right. Nobody can intervene; not even the state. We can not be forced to believe or disbelieve in something since it belongs to our individual hearts.

It is truly sad to see that in a state where the statement: “Believe in one God” and “fair and civilized humanity” are embraced, however you can find groups of people whom the freedom of faith is being trampled on in a way that is not fair or civilized at all. Really it is ironic when we know that all parties are supposed to be officially responsible as guardians and facilitators of the implementation of constitution yet most times they are deaf, dumb and blind to the abuses that occur within our nation. There is a lack of response and protection towards the right to freedom of faith practiced in this country, let alone to be seen as an urgent matter as part of civilization.

It is scary to see some groups that are able to destroy and damage property belonging to some other groups whom they consider to be deviant. Worstly, the first group thinks that they have the right to force the other group to leave their neighborhood simply because their faith/belief is different than the majority’s.

I can say there is a degradation of practicing the freedom of faith in our country. The ensuing struggle will be harder. But we have no other choice than to fight any kind of unfairness, intolerance, lack of civility and respect.

(Translated & Edited: Inda Duzih-Pitkanen & Johan Pitkanen)

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